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Message From the Pastor
May 2018

Among our church’s confessions is the Theological Declaration of Barmen (“Barmen”). Like all of the church’s confessions, it arose in a specific context in the life of our church and world.  Before his election to Reich Chancellor of Germany in January 1933, Hitler’s Nazi party pretended to be compatible with, and even to give expression to, Christian faith.  As the power of the Nazis grew, so also did their supporters in the churches who increasingly proclaimed a message of racial purity, thus conflating Cross and swastika, Table and throne. 
Once Hitler took the reins of power, the Nazi regime increasingly meddled in the affairs of the church, going so far as to enact the “Aryan paragraph” which called for the exclusion from the church of all Christians who had Jewish ancestry.  Race thus became a criterion for church membership.
Bringing to a head several currents of resistance to the growing Nazi war machine, Barmen sought to name the alien principles that were being advocated by the “Christian” supporters of Nazism.  Barmen declared that Jesus Christ, and He alone, was the source of the church’s proclamation, the one Word to whom alone the church must listen and whom alone it must obey.  Barmen thus called out those who held up other persons and powers as somehow qualifying or supplanting the truth of God’s revelation in Jesus Christ.  It also called out any ideology by which the state would overstep its limits and exercise a totalitarian claim upon the whole of life, or which would turn the church into an organ or instrument of the state.
 Barmen reminds us that no human being, office, or political institution can stand in the place of our Living God made known to us in Jesus Christ.  If Jesus is Lord, than all human authority is subject to Jesus, not to Caesar who, in vainly boasting of his power both to save us and make us great, conflates domination with dominion, the love of power with the power of love.
Although we live in a very different age and context, as Christians and citizens we struggle with the same temptations and idolatries. Now, as then, our nation’s soul and our church’s integrity is at stake.  In such a season as this, it is appropriate to declare ourselves, as Peter did, when Jesus asked, “But who do you say that I am?” In such a time as this it is appropriate to declare in what kind of God we will entrust ourselves, and to what gods we will not bow down; what we believe and what, for the Gospel’s sake, we must reject.
To help us in our discernment, some two dozen elders from various Christian faith traditions collaborated on a faith declaration during Lent (see pages 2-4).  They commend their declaration to the churches for a process of prayer, study, reflection and action.  To their invitation, I earnestly add my own.

Pastor Fred           


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