Welcome to the Pastor’s Corner, and welcome to the website of the First Presbyterian Church of Greenlawn! We hope that you will find here helpful resources for your spiritual journey.
That early Christians were called the “people of the way” is a reminder to us that we have not yet reached our destination, but continue to make our way along the path of discipleship. What is true of our lives as Christians is also true of this page and site. It, like us, is “a work in progress.”

And “may the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all”
(2 Cor. 3:14)


A Message from Pastor
Ann Van Cleef
, October 2020

My Beloved Congregants,

     We’re back in the Sanctuary.  But things are a bit different, aren’t they?  We wear masks, we sit apart, there’s no coffee hour.  That’s the
bad news.  But let’s look at some of the
positive changes that we have made in the
past six months.

     We discovered technology.  We learned to use the Zoom video conferencing system, which enabled us to worship together in time for Holy Week and Easter.  No, it hasn’t been perfect.  Worship was interrupted several times a month by my weak Internet bandwidth shutting me down.  We found that Zoom was not a good way to transmit music, and there were people who were just uncomfortable worshiping on line.  But some good things happened, too.  People who have been homebound for years were once again able to worship with us.  The half hour before worship became a time of conversation and fellowship.  Our church bonded in a new and different way.

     And, we learned to be flexible.  Remember Palm Sunday?  No one had palms!  Instead, we waved ribbons, handkerchiefs, newspapers, flowers, and whatever else we could lay our hands on.  God didn’t punish us.  And what about Communion Sundays?  Some of us had bread and grape juice, but I also saw cookies, muffins, sweet rolls, coffee, tea, water, and even Diet Coke!  And lightning didn’t strike us.

     Our Vision 2020 Team was thinking so far outside of the box, I’m not sure they even know where the box is anymore!  They came up with a wonderful on-line fellowship idea, “Coffee with Friends,” this past June, and planned a special “Homecoming” event for our first Sunday back.  I sincerely hope that this group will continue its work after the year 2020 is over.

     Throughout all of this, people have continued to support us.  That, coupled with some grants, kept us afloat financially during the time that our 12-step groups and nesting congregations were not able to be in the building.

     We will be having a “Blessing of the Pets” Service on Sunday, October 4, and our Deacons are working on a plan to make a small food pantry available to the community on a full-time basis.  Other ideas are in the offing for the fall and winter; stay tuned for details!

     Changes have been made in our church building.  We have been able to give the groups who share our facility their own meeting rooms and rest room.  The old choir room downstairs is being refurbished, with Larry Foray doing much of the planning and work, with Gary Prentiss assisting.  We hope to be able to turn that room into a place that can be offered to the community for meetings and social events.  Our Building and Grounds Committee is doing a major clean-up of the building, getting rid of “stuff” that has been taking up valuable real estate for years.  Debbie Eitel has painted and redecorated the rest rooms.  Leonora Colletti has put an incredible amount of time sorting through old music and choral arrangements, making and selling masks for the church, and assisting anyone who asks in any way that she can.

     Our custodian, Gary Prentiss, has made arrangements to keep the building disinfected with the help of a new “fogger.”  Arlissa Dean has purchased a no-touch thermometer, and takes everyone’s temperature on Sunday mornings.  And, our secretary, Linda Siegmann is back.  She will be working 20 hours a week, sometimes four days and sometimes five, depending on her schedule.

     This is a church that is experiencing new life!  The ironic part is this: the things we have been able to accomplish could not have been realized without the pandemic.  COVID-19 forced us to think differently.  For us, God was able to take an absolutely horrible situation and turn it into something that has given us new energy and a fresh outlook.  Dare I use the word “miracle?”  

     We are not the same church that we were last winter.  And I pray we can honor our Triune God by keeping this level of energy going.  God isn’t done with us!  God is still speaking! 

With love and blessings,
Pastor Ann


Welcome Rev. Dr. Ann VanCleef!


Sunday Worship –
Questions and Answers

By Pastor Ann

Zoom Worship

How are we going to worship on Sundays?    
     We will be continuing our Sunday worship using a video conferencing system called Zoom.  You may log on as early as 10:00 a.m. for coffee and conversation.  Worship begins promptly at 10:30, followed by a virtual coffee hour until noon.  The easiest way to do Zoom is to download the Zoom App from the App Store.  Zoom will work on a computer, a laptop, an I-Pad, or a Smartphone.  

What are the Meeting IDs?
     Please check your weekly email for ID's and Passcodes for each service.

Will I get a reminder about logging on to these services?
     If you are on the church e-mail list, you will get a weekly e-mail with the Zoom link.

I don’t have a camera on my computer, but I do have a Smartphone.
Zoom will work on your Smartphone. 

I don’t have a computer or a Smartphone.  What can I do?
     You may telephone the following number: 
     You will be asked for a meeting ID.  The meeting IDs are outlined in paragraph 2.
     You won’t be able to see us, but you can still hear what’s going on.

Please note:
     Out here on the North Fork, where I live, the Internet has been a bit “iffy” lately.  There is a chance that I will suddenly “disappear” from your screen.  If that happens, just hang in there.  I will log back on with my iPhone.


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