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Message From the Pastor
December 2018

The Christian profession about Advent is that the future has been determined by the past, and the future determines the present.  The future, Christ’s return and reign, has been determined by the past, Christ’s death and resurrection.  And the future, guaranteed by the gift of the Spirit, determines and gives shape to our present. 
But for many of us, the present just doesn’t seem to be cooperating.  Our world and our confession of Christ’s sovereignty in and over the world don’t seem to jive.
As Christians, we believe that Christ is Lord.  We believe his kingdom has begun, and that the world really had changed with his coming.  But our experience often seems to instruct us otherwise, telling us that the principalities and powers are having the upper hand. We believe in a God who makes all things new. Yet we are painfully aware of all those places in our lives and in our world where God’s newness is not yet visible.  We say that the kingdom or reign of God is already and also not yet, but we stand precariously in the gap and do not know how to hold the two in tension.  If, in short, human life is a dialogue between expectation and experience, it often feels as if experience has the upper hand.
And so we become fearful. Our fear presents sometimes as sorrow and grief, sometimes as confusion, and sometimes simply as stuckness.  In our anxiety, we tend to demand certainty while sacrificing curiosity. We slip into all-or-nothing thinking.  We find ourselves tempted by quick fixes and when they are unavailable, we may find ourselves getting angry and defensive.  We may notice ourselves stiffening our positions over and against others, and tightening our perspective.  In the grip of fear, we lose our ability to hear without distortion and our capacity to respond clearly and graciously to those who see God’s world differently than we do.
Especially this Advent, my prayer is that we will be led to a growing inner stillness that allows us to realize that He for whom we are waiting has already arrived and speaks to us even now in the silence of our hearts.  As engage in Advent practices of prayer and meditation, and begin to seek our kneeling places in Bethlehem, may Jesus be reborn in our lives slowly and steadily, and be received as the One we come to know even or especially while waiting.  If the gap between the already and the not yet, between experience and expectation, has brought us this season to the threshold of fear, we might as well enter.   For Jesus is waiting inside, telling us always, “Be not afraid.”


See you in church,
            Pastor Fred


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